In addition to the generation of knowledge for for the sake of knowledge, I believe that scientists and educators have an obligation to use this knowledge for the benefit of society. Here you can find a summary of my activities that don't fall outside of traditional research and teaching activities, focused on service to my field(s), the scientific community, and the public.

Initiatives and service on (and possibly beyond) campus.
Science policy and research ethics.
For science, psychology, language, linguistics, and more.

Campus Service

Policy & Ethics

Science, Ethics & Public Policy

From 2011 to 2012 I worked with UD's Science, Ethics, and Public Policy Program as a research fellow, helping to manage its transition into the Center for Science, Ethics, and Public Policy by assisting with the redesign of its website, and by compiling resources in two main themes: ethical cases and resources relevant to the social and behavioral sciences, and those of interest to the wider scientific community involving the communication of science to policy makers and the public. I also blogged occasionally.

Responsibility And Integrity in Science and Engineering (RAISE)

Part of being a scientist and an educator is understanging ones ethical responsibilities. The RAISE program prepares graduate students to educate peers in their discipline about the ethical foundations of science. I partipated in RAISE seminars during the spring of 2009, and over the following fall conducted a series of meetings with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in linguistics and cognitive science to discuss the ethical principles relevant to our work.



I serve on the Committee on Public Policy (CoPP) of the Linguistic Society of America, which advocates for public policy initiatives relevant to the goals of the LSA, including funding for linguistics research.


I also serve on the the Linguistics in Higher Education Committee (LiHEC). LiHEC assists and advocates for linguistics programs and departments by encouraging the inclusion of linguistics in general education curricula, promoting diversity within the field, and administering and growing the Linguistic Academic Depository.

Previously, I served on the Committee on Student Issues And Concerns (COSIAC). COSIAC is focused on development within the field by creating and improving opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students though informational resources, professional development programs, awards, and social activities.