Most of my teaching is part of the psychology program at Penn State Brandywine:

  • Introduction to Psychology of Perception (Psych 253)
  • Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (Psych 256)
  • Language & Thought (Psych 426/Ling 429)
  • Psychology of Language (Psych 457/Ling 457)
  • Senior Seminar in Psychology (Psych 490)

I also teach general education courses in linguistics. Brandywine students can begin a linguistics major and finish their degree at the University Park campus. The Center for Language Science includes faculty from various departments including world languages, psychology, and communications sciences.

  • The Study of Language (Ling 1)
  • Foundations of Linguistics (Ling 100)
  • Introduction to Language, Culture, and Social Interaction (ApLng 200)

I also occasionally teach (usually as a part of study abroad) The Science of Music (InArt 50Z), which includes physical, biological, and psychological aspects of music.

Global Programs

I’m a member of Penn State Brandywine’s Global Programs team, which plans short-term (fall, winter, or spring break) study abroad courses available to all Penn State students, and I’ve taught courses on several programs. If there is a destination you would like us to explore for a future program, please let me know!

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

I’ve been fortunate to participate in several initiatives to apply the methodological tools of social science to improve teaching: